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Honey Plum Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)

Taste is of honey and plum with some background notes of blueberry!

Medium to large fig. This is a unique seedling was discovered a few years ago by Sacred Origin.

Common, no wasp needed.

Recent report on ourfigs is that it handled a hard freeze well.

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Juicy plum like!
Adam Apricot-M/F capri Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
This interesting fig may prove to be very valuable to those wishing to pollinate their figs and enjoy tasty figs all in one season. Adam Apricot has a productive early breba crop of in-edible violet- colored male figs filled with pollen and wasps. The edible summer crop is a green yellow fig with an interior color ranging from pink to golden. The flesh of the almost fully ripe edible figs taste of honeydew melon. The riper figs taste of unmistakable apricot. The edible summer crop is very prolific. It appears that the edible crop has few seeds with some fruits containing zero seeds. It is likely that this is what we call a persistent capri fig. Offspring of persistent caprifigs will be more likely common, making it a very valuable resource for breeding experiments as well as tasty edible summer figs that have an apricot jelly like texture and taste. Please note that the edible main crop may require caprification or wasps to ripen. We dont know enough yet.
Apricot Jelly
Gambino Fig Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
The Gambino fig has an ultra thin skin and kind of melts in your mouth to expose the juicy, sweet, tasty fruit! The toasted orange colored fruit has deep and rich complex tastes -- best described as banana drizzled with natural maple syrup (not that Aunt Jemima stuff!). The texture of the fruit is smooth and creamy with a skin that is a very light yellowish-green, almost white. The eye of this fig is nearly closed which resists bugs and humidity!
Banana & Maple
LiVolsi Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
LiVolsi is a large very productive and delicious apricot and banana flavored fig that has a very creamy texture. LiVolsi has a yellow exterior with a deep orange interior that is filled with honey. The tree is very productive with most nodes containing 2 figs. The harvest season is long and begins in late July and ends in October. You are going to love this fig. Livolsi does not require the fig wasp for pollination. The skin is thin and the eye is closed with no figs found to have mold or bugs.
Productive & Creamy
Cherry Pie Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
This fig looks similar to the "Crema di Fragola" aka Strawberry Cream fig, but this one is sweeter with a cherry pie flavor. This is a unique seedling found in a culvert ditch on the side of a road in the Olive Capital of Northern California. What comes to mind immediately when tasting this gem is the little pies I used to get as a kid that had a frosting glazed over it. This is another top notch fig that I could brag on about for days. I am in awe at how rich and satisfying this fig is. You will want this fig in your collection! The skin is delicious and edible on this variety and you will want to eat it. This tree appears to be very productive some nodes had two rather large figs. The eye on most of the ripe figs appeared slightly open but with a drop of blood red honey closing it up. I did not come across any rotten or molded ones. I imagine this fig is going to hold up well in the rain and be resistant to splitting. The figs started to ripen mid season. "Cherry Pie" dehydrates on the tree without fermenting. The mother tree does not receive irrigation or water and I imagine these somewhat large figs become even bigger with watering. You will not be disappointed with this fig and it will likely be one of the top best tasting figs you will ever experience. Note for picts: The orange colored fig pictured with the "cherry pie" is the very productive and delicious apricot and banana flavored LiVolsi fig
Amrita Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
Amrita (Sanskrit) Amrit or Amata in Pali, means "immortality" and is often referred to as nectar, ambrosia.This unique seedling fig found by Sacred Origin in 2019 is not only large and beautiful with a closed eye, but the taste is fantastic and complex. This beauty queen starts out green with purple stripes. As it matures the purple becomes predominant and almost black around the closed ostiole .Foreground notes of moderate berry with background notes of sweet citrus that you can taste on the side of the tongue.... mouthwatering and juicy.Unsure about the breba, but the main crop is common and does NOT require the fig wasp to produce these large gems.I don't think this is a good fig for those in rainy climates due to the thin skin which is like velvet, melts in your mouth, and stains your fingers, however it is just not known at this time. Ripens with beautiful cracks and seems resistant to bugs and fermentation even under extreme heat of Northern California. Usually large figs will be watered down, but this one is as complex and concentrated as it gets. A top tier delicious fig that you will want in your collection. Ripe figs started around Aug 1 in zone 9b Northern California.
Full of Nectar
Tropical GoldenBerry Scions Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
Tropical Goldenberry is a green/yellow unique seedling found near amrita and guavaberry. Tropical Goldenberry features a ruby red and pink inner flesh. The eye/ostiole is tight and closed. One tester shared this: "Tropical times I detected a slight pineapple zing..there was some sort of acidity....but it was hard to put my finger on a single fruit was like a blend...delicious...chewy skin." The plate of decorative fruits, herbs and flowers also has the dark fig " black dawn" on there. This tree was discovered by Sacred Origin in 2019 but we have not been able to confirm yet if it is common. I believe it will be as there were many late figs with pure jelly and no viable seeds but it has NOT been officially tested. All the wasps probably had already entered earlier fruit. Only time will tell.
Tangy & Sweet
WtF Special -Guavaberry Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
This is a limited time offer to Wtf Fb friends. 3 large cuttings. This unique seedling was discovered by Sacred Origin in 2019 . The main crop is proven common. Guavaberry is located near the Amrita fig tree in a grove of seedlings and is a possible relative. Breba crop is unknown. The main crop is prolific. Foreground notes of guava, strawberry, mango and hints of floral hibiscus. Rich concentrated flavor especially rare in larger figs. Nice citric strawberry tang with balanced sweetness. Very good fig. Large, closed eye. Beautiful green exterior and ruby colored inner flesh. Possibly resistant to splitting in rainy conditions.
WtF limited special offer.
WtF special Strawberry Sorbet cuttings-Limited offer (3 cuttings plus gift)
This is a special limited offer for What the fig friends on FB. 3 Strawberry Sorbet Cuttings. plus gift cuttings. Strawberry Sorbet This is an exciting new release by Sacred Origin. This is a unique seedling that tastes of rich fresh sweet strawberry, not the watery ones. The color and flavors are super rich. Common, no fig wasp required. The super ripe figs have a hint of cinnamon. The eye is sealed by a red drop of rich strawberry nectar. This fig is in top 5 best tasting figs I have ever had.
Creme di Fragola (3 cuttings plus)

Creme di Fragola (strawberry cream)

Creme di Fragola are large green figs with a jammy bright blood red interior. Strawberry and rhubarb pie flavors.  Dries well on the tree. As fig ripens and starts to dehydrate you can taste background notes of cinnamon, bergamont and perilla. Complex and concentrated strawberry flavor with a slight tart rhubarb notes reminiscent of strawberry rhubarb pie with a cream topping. This is one of the best tasting figs Iv'e ever had in all of my fig finding experiences thus far. If I could only grow one fig this would be it. This is a very obvious seedling as its growing between olive trees in a very old olive orchard of the olive capital of Northern California. Chewy thick skin that you will want to eat even if you don't normally eat skins. The eye is tight, no sign of bugs, rot or mold in any of the figs I picked.Tree is productive and I imagine if the tree was watered, the figs would be giant. I typically find larger figs to be diluted in flavor which is not the case with Crema di Fragola. Due to the thicker skin and tight eye, I would predict this fig does well in rainy climates without splitting.Delicious must have fig.My three year old typically only eats the inside of the figs and hands me the skin, with creme di fragola she shoves an entire half of the fig into her mouth and eats the skin on these. Common Fig that does not require pollination. I am not sure yet if it has a breba or just main crop.

Complex & Rich!
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Guavaberry Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
This unique seedling was discovered by Sacred Origin in 2019 . The main crop is proven common. Guavaberry is located near the Amrita fig tree in a grove of seedlings and is a possible relative. Breba crop is unknown. The main crop is prolific.

Foreground notes of guava, strawberry, mango and hints of floral hibiscus. Rich concentrated flavor especially rare in larger figs. Nice citric strawberry tang with balanced sweetness. Very good fig. Large, closed eye. Beautiful green exterior and ruby colored inner flesh.  Possibly resistant to splitting in rainy conditions
guava, strawberry, mango
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Strawberry Shortcake Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
Originates from a very old seedling with unbelievably large leaves. Rich unmistakable strawberry and mixed berry flavors. Delicious! First ripe figs July 27. in zone 9b Northern California. A medium to large yellow/green fig with inner flesh that varies from red maroon to a dark amber pulp. The pulp near the skin is very creamy and the red amber inner flesh is of strawberry with a little citric tang. The ostiole (eye) is tight/ closed and is resistant to bug or mold entry. Skin is thick and chewy. This fig would probably do well in rainy climates.  There will be a very limited amount of these being offered in the future due to accessibility. The mother tree sits in middle of an ancient olive orchard and is not watered. I imagine that with water these figs will be quite large.
Sweet Strawberry
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Grape Ape Capri fig Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
Need Fig pollen or a home for your wasps? These cuttings root easily. The male pollen sacs start green then turn purple upon "ripening". This fig is home to fig wasps and is not an edible fig as each contains pollen and wasps only. This is a male fig that was discovered as a seedling in the abandoned blueberry orchard where Rodgrod, Honey plum and Dulce de Leche were also found. I believe it is the "Daddy" to all of the common figs found in that field. Example of cuttings you will receive can be seen in last picture.
Slightly Elongated
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