Kiwi Fig Scions/Cuttings

Mouthwatering Delicious!
* You may order this scion set but availability may vary and be limited. Typically ships within four weeks. Send us a message, we may have rooted trees available.

3 Kiwi fig Scions/Cuttings

Sacred Origin's Kiwi fig is a unique seedling found in Northern California in a ditch. Kiwi is a delightful mixed color fig that showcases a violet green and yellow exterior with a red inner flesh that tastes of perfectly ripe sweet kiwi. A mix of green and golden kiwi flavors that are sure to excite your taste buds with that kiwi and pineapple citric tang. The eyes are closed. The skin is slightly chewy. This fig does not require the fig wasp for pollination. The mother tree is ancient.
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  • Model: 3 Cuttings/Scions

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