Strawberry Shortcake Scions/Cuttings

Sweet Strawberry
* You may order this scion set but availability may vary and be limited. Typically ships within 4 weeks. Send us a message, we may have rooted trees available.

Originates from a very old seedling with unbelievably large leaves. Rich unmistakable strawberry and mixed berry flavors. Delicious! First ripe figs July 27. in zone 9b Northern California. A medium to large yellow/green fig with inner flesh that varies from red maroon to a dark amber pulp. The pulp near the skin is very creamy and the red amber inner flesh is of strawberry with a little citric tang. The ostiole (eye) is tight/ closed and is resistant to bug or mold entry. Skin is thick and chewy. This fig would probably do well in rainy climates.  There will be a very limited amount of these being offered in the future due to accessibility. The mother tree sits in middle of an ancient olive orchard and is not watered. I imagine that with water these figs will be quite large.
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  • Model: 3 Cuttings/Scions

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