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3 cuttings

Amrita (Sanskrit) Amrit or Amata in Pali, means "immortality" and is often referred to as nectar, ambrosia.This unique seedling fig found by Sacred Origin in 2019 is not only large and beautiful with a closed eye, but the taste is fantastic and complex. This beauty queen starts out green with purple stripes. As it matures the purple becomes predominant and almost black around the closed ostiole .Foreground notes of moderate berry with background notes of sweet citrus that you can taste on the side of the tongue.... mouthwatering and juicy.Unsure about the breba, but the main crop is common and does NOT require the fig wasp to produce these large gems.I don't think this is a good fig for those in rainy climates due to the thin skin which is like velvet, melts in your mouth, and stains your fingers, however it is just not known at this time. Ripens with beautiful cracks and seems resistant to bugs and fermentation even under extreme heat of Northern California. Usually large figs will be watered down, but this one is as complex and concentrated as it gets. A top tier delicious fig that you will want in your collection. Ripe figs started around Aug 1 in zone 9b Northern California.

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