Creme di Fragola

Complex & Rich!
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Creme di Fragola (strawberry cream)

Creme di Fragola are large green figs with a jammy bright blood red interior. Strawberry and rhubarb pie flavors.  Dries well on the tree. As fig ripens and starts to dehydrate you can taste background notes of cinnamon, bergamont and perilla. Complex and concentrated strawberry flavor with a slight tart rhubarb notes reminiscent of strawberry rhubarb pie with a cream topping. This is one of the best tasting figs Iv'e ever had in all of my fig finding experiences thus far. If I could only grow one fig this would be it. This is a very obvious seedling as its growing between olive trees in a very old olive orchard of the olive capital of Northern California. Chewy thick skin that you will want to eat even if you don't normally eat skins. The eye is tight, no sign of bugs, rot or mold in any of the figs I picked.Tree is productive and I imagine if the tree was watered, the figs would be giant. I typically find larger figs to be diluted in flavor which is not the case with Crema di Fragola. Due to the thicker skin and tight eye, I would predict this fig does well in rainy climates without splitting.Delicious must have fig.My three year old typically only eats the inside of the figs and hands me the skin, with creme di fragola she shoves an entire half of the fig into her mouth and eats the skin on these. Common Fig that does not require pollination. I am not sure yet if it has a breba or just main crop.

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