Tropical GoldenBerry Scions Cuttings

Tangy & Sweet
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You may order this scion set but availability may vary and be limited. Typically ships within four weeks. Send us a message, we may have rooted trees available.

Tropical Goldenberry is a green/yellow unique seedling found near amrita and guavaberry. Tropical Goldenberry features a ruby red and pink inner flesh. The eye/ostiole is tight and closed. One tester shared this: "Tropical times I detected a slight pineapple zing..there was some sort of acidity....but it was hard to put my finger on a single fruit was like a blend...delicious...chewy skin."The plate of decorative fruits, herbs and flowers also has the dark fig " black dawn" on there.This tree was discovered by Sacred Origin in 2019 but we have not been able to confirm yet if it is common. I believe it will be as there were many late figs with pure jelly and no viable seeds but it has NOT been officially tested. All the wasps probably had already entered earlier fruit. Only time will tell.
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  • Model: 3 Cuttings/Scions

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