Dark Figs

Figs with a dark exterior.
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Honey Plum Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)

Taste is of honey and plum with some background notes of blueberry!

Medium to large fig. This is a unique seedling was discovered a few years ago by Sacred Origin.

Common, no wasp needed.

Recent report on ourfigs is that it handled a hard freeze well.

OurFigs discussion on Honey Plum

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Juicy plum like!
Creme di Mora Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)

You may order this scion set but availability may vary and be limited. Typically ships within four weeks. Send us a message, we may have rooted trees available.

Creme di Mora

Another unique seedling found in a ditch outside of a ranch on the side of the road near almond and plum orchards. 

This fruity mixed berry flavored fig found in close proximity to the kiwi fig, the creme di mango fig and a couple others yet to be released.

This fig features fore notes of distinct strawberry, blueberry & blackberry / a mixed fruit with a banana creaminess.

This is another rich tasting fig  we've come to love.

The interior is very dark burgundy to red and the exterior is black/blue-ish.
The Skin is medium thick .  Creme di Mora (Blackberry Cream)  dries well on tree without spoilage or fermenting.

Common! Does not require the wasp. I do not know if there is a breba crop. This fig ripens early to mid season in zone 9b.

Blackberry Cream
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