Male & (MF) Capri Figs

Male & Male/Female pollen containing Capri Figs that may prove useful in breeding programs or improve flavors of nearby figs where the wasp exists.

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Grape Ape Capri fig Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
Need Fig pollen or a home for your wasps? These cuttings root easily. The male pollen sacs start green then turn purple upon "ripening". This fig is home to fig wasps and is not an edible fig as each contains pollen and wasps only. This is a male fig that was discovered as a seedling in the abandoned blueberry orchard where Rodgrod, Honey plum and Dulce de Leche were also found. I believe it is the "Daddy" to all of the common figs found in that field. Example of cuttings you will receive can be seen in last picture.
Slightly Elongated
Adam Apricot-M/F capri Scions/Cuttings (3 Cuttings/Scions)
* You may order this scion set but availability may vary and be limited. Typically ships within four weeks. Send us a message, we may have rooted trees available.

This interesting fig may prove to be very valuable to those wishing to pollinate their figs and enjoy tasty figs all in one season. Adam Apricot has a productive early breba crop of in-edible violet- colored male figs filled with pollen and wasps. The edible summer crop is a green yellow fig with an interior color ranging from pink to golden. The flesh of the almost fully ripe edible figs taste of honeydew melon. The riper figs taste of unmistakable apricot.The edible summer crop is very prolific. It appears that the edible crop has few seeds with some fruits containing zero seeds. It is likely that this is what we call a persistent capri fig. Offspring of persistent caprifigs will be more likely common, making it a very valuable resource for breeding experiments as well as tasty edible summer figs that have an apricot jelly like texture and taste. Please note that the edible main crop may require caprification or wasps to ripen. We dont know enough yet.
Apricot Jelly
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