Shipping Policy

General Shipping

Plants and Scions/Cuttings are shipped on Monday and Tuesday via USPS Priority 2-3 day and First Class.

- We reserve the right to postpone shipping up to two weeks due to heatwaves or other circumstances that may cause delays in shipping or unnecessary damage to the plants. In such rare cases, we will notify you of the delay.

- Plants are shipped in soil, in a nursery pot. In certain cases, plants may be shipped bare root depending on the destination state and regulations. However we will notify you in the listing if bare root is ideal.


-Do not leave your box outside in cold or hot weather for an extended period to ensure any environmental-related stress is minimal.

-Open your box carefully. We try our best to package our plants in a way that will minimize or eliminate shifting during shipping, however, sometimes items can loosen or shift in transit. You also want to unpack slowly to avoid tearing any leaves or breaking stems.

-Your plants will go through an adjustment period while they acclimate to their new environment. To reduce stress, for the first 48 hours, wait before repotting, keep out of direct light, isolate your plants, and use a humidity box or bag when possible.

-Occasionally, yellowing leaves, wilting, or dropping leaves may occur from shipping stress. These plants will need a bit of extra care but should bounce back with time.