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Sacred Origin's Cherry Pie a 2020 New release

This is an offer or 3 cuttings (scions).

Sacred Origin's Cherry Pie a 2020 New release 6-10 inches long. Sacred Origin's "Cherry Pie" is a new fig im excited to share with the community. I have tested it and found it to be common. It does not require pollination or fig wasp. This fig looks similar to the "Crema di Fragola" aka Strawberry Cream fig I recently posted about, but this one is sweeter with a cherry pie flavor. Cherry pie is also more yellow on the outside. This is a unique seedling found in a culvert ditch on the side of a road in the Olive Capital of Northern California. What comes to mind immediately when tasting this gem is the little pies I used to get as a kid that had a frosting glazed over it. This is another top notch fig that I could brag on about for days. I am in awe at how rich and satisfying this fig is. You will want this fig in your collection! I cannot wait for others to try. The skin is delicious and edible on this variety and you will want to eat it. I am not sure about the breba crop. This tree appears to be very productive some nodes had two rather large figs. The eye on most of the ripe figs appeared slightly open but with a drop of blood red honey closing it up. I did not come across any rotten or molded ones. I imagine this fig is going to hold up well in the rain and be resistant to splitting. The figs started to ripen mid season. "Cherry Pie" dehydrates on the tree without fermenting. The mother tree does not receive irrigation or water and I imagine these somewhat large figs become even bigger with watering.

You will not be disappointed with this fig and it will likely be one of the top best tasting figs you will ever experience.

Note for picts: The orange colored fig pictured with the "cherry pie" is the very productive and delicious apricot and banana flavored LiVolsi fig yet to be released. coming soon!

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