Frantioi Olive Tree for sale

Frantoio 2-5 foot tall.- free shipping. This is an oil variety particularly wide-spread and appreciated not only in Tuscany and the central zones of Italy, but throughout the world. The plant is of medium vigor, semi-drooping with an open structure and fruiting branches which are long, slender and flexible. The leaves are elliptical, lanceolate, of medium dimension and glossy dark green. FRUIT: The drupe is of medium size (between 1.5 and 2.5 grams), extended oval in form with well visible, sparse whitish markings. Maturation is late and gradual. When mature the fruit is purple-black, but at the preferred picking time green and purple. It is rich in oil (between 17 and 22%) which is very fruity, notably aromatic and of high quality. AGRONOMY: The tree is self-fertile with high, constant productivity. It is extremely early in setting fruit and has an ovarian abortion rate which rarely exceeds 10%, sometimes being even as low as 1%. COMMENTS: While the self-fertile character of the tree guarantees a high and constant fruit production, the presence of a pollinator further increases it. This peculiar productive characteristic, as well as the quality of its oil makes Frantoio a highly valuable and irreplaceable variety.
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